Some recent projects in various stages of completion. Dave conducts research via Two Pines Expeditionary Research.

Detection of Cardiac Arrhythmia at Very High Altitude Using a Wearable ECG Sensor

Summary: Five subjects wore ECG sensors that monitored their hearts continuously for 28 days before, during and after an ascent of Denali (20,310ft/6190m) in Alaska.

Findings: One of five subjects had numerous dropped beats (pauses) while sleeping at the highest elevations.

Ultrasound for the Detection of Extravascular Lung Water in High Altitude Climbers on Mount Everest

Summary: Ultrasound lung exams were used to look for evidence of subacute pulmonary edema in climbers up to 7800 meters on Mt. Everest.

Findings: In this small cohort of healthy climbers on a conservative acclimatization schedule, no evidence of subacute pulmonary edema was found. This study was limited by it’s small sample size.

Testing in Dingboche, Nepal

Exercise Efficiency and Economy During Load Carrying at High Altitude

Summary: This in-progress study is examining the amount of work performed per unit of oxygen consumed during load carrying before and after acclimatization in lowlanders and high altitude natives.

Findings: In progress.