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Dave Ohlson is a physician specializing in Internal Medicine as well as a filmmaker, climber and photographer. Interests in adventure, photography and research have taken him to Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Peru, West Africa and Antarctica where he has made documentaries and researched the effects of altitude on the lungs and heart. 

His feature documentary "K2 Siren of the Himalayas" has won awards across the globe and is available on a variety of platforms  including iTunes and Vimeo.


Dave has worked with Pacific Northwest Surgical Outreach, providing free surgical care to the people of Iquitos, Peru and wrote about these experiences for the NPR global health blog, "Goats and Soda."


In May of 2016 he reached the summit of Mt. Everest with veteran amputee Chad Jukes while serving as team USX’s filmmaker and medic on their 2016 Veteran Everest Expedition. On Everest he performed ultrasound lung exams up to 7800 meters while researching predictors of high altitude pulmonary edema. More recently, he has examined altitude induced cardiac arrhythmia while climbing Denali and exercise efficiency during load carrying at high altitude in Nepal.


Contact: daveohlson at gmail dot com