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Dave Ohlson is a filmmaker, climber, photographer and physician in an Internal Medicine residency program. Interests in adventure and photography have taken him to Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Peru, West Africa and Antarctica. These experiences led him back to the academic world where he studied to become a physician with a focus on austere, wilderness and developing world medical care. 

His feature documentary "K2 Siren of the Himalayas" has won awards across the globe and is available on a variety of platforms  including iTunes, Netflix and Vimeo.


In 2014 Dave worked with Pacific Northwest Surgical Outreach, providing free surgical care to the people of Iquitos, Peru. He wrote about these experiences for the NPR global health blog "Goats and Soda."


On May 24th, 2016 Dave reached the summit of Mt. Everest with veteran amputee Chad Jukes. He served as team USX’s filmmaker and medic on their 2016 Veteran Everest Expedition while also carrying out research on predictors of high altitude pulmonary edema.


Contact: daveohlson at gmail dot com